Self Reflection as Professional Practice

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As part of our pedagogical practice in teacher development, the importance of self reflection is evident in more ways than one.

In order for teachers to reflect on themselves in a static manor, changing as their practice develops, a teacher must have  their own vision statement, working towards the main purpose of their teaching.

Teachers can do this by asking themselves questions, ranging from professional goals to the atmosphere they would like to create in their very own classroom/school/community! This allows for a static goal to be achieved, one which is forever changing. Here is an example of my own Vision Statement:

“As a teacher, I strive to encourage determination and achievement amongst those in my learning space. Our learning space is one in which students approach real world problems with a confident perspective, as each student strives to make a positive influence on the world they live in. This learning space is one where students are respected, feeling important and safe to make their own decisions in a supportive environment. My personal drive to assist students in achieving their full potential through decision making, asking questions and receiving feedback in order to reach their full potential in achieving their learning goals.”

Your Vision Statement can guide your teaching and professional development. We are all learners, so what better to do than learn from the person that knows you best?


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