My Teaching Philosphy

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”– William Arthur Ward (1984)

I believe that the teaching occupation is one of which not only introduces a person to a new group of students to teach for a year, but a community of academics with open minds awaiting knowledge. The students of the modern day possess a foundation for not only a fostered learning experience directed at academic development, but for social development and direction of self-learning experiences both inside and outside the walls of the academic environment.

With each student bringing unique experiences and understanding, we as teachers must provide a healthy learning experience, fostering development in a student to enable choices and understandings to be made on the students behalf, as teachers must learn to direct learning, rather than simply implement.

As a dedicated teacher, I endeavour to;

  • Embrace the constructivist learning approach through relative and negotiated knowledge, facilitating  active involvement in the classroom and allowing students to expose and understand individuality about fellow class members.
  • Ensure that student learning needs are the primary focus of attention and knowledge is transformed into effective student understanding.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm towards the practice of each KLA.
  • Utilise  ICT resources where applicable in intuitive and effective ways.
  • Hold a positive regard for all students and ensure that respect is maintained within the classroom at all times.
  • Allow students to identify their individuality.
  • Create a classroom that is a welcoming, positive and fair environment where all students learn from one another and feel safe and comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Identify students’ individual differences as a positive presence in the classroom.
  • Foster independent and group learning amongst students.


Ward, W.A. (1984). Philosphy and the age of teaching. Retrieved April 4, 2014 from


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