What is this Blog about?

So first of all, thank you for coming to visit my Blog!

As a beginning teacher, I have decided that the best way to develop a PLN, or Personal Learning Network alongside fellow teachers is to get my ideas out there into the web, hoping to receive some feedback and advice on the other end, hence developing this Blog.

So what is a PLN you might ask? Well the way I understand it, is that it is a group of people whom you engage with, in order to exchange information in a generally online environment. A PLN has developed over time from family and friends, to other educators you know, to now anyone that has access to web 2.0 tools! The communities existing in PLN’s are vast and plenty, including Facebook, Twitter, WikiSpaces and WordPress’, such as this!
With the immense value identified in having a PLN, you have nothing to loose, with everything to gain (Richards, 2011).


So within this Blog I am going to be underpinning the various daily occurrences I can identify at my Practical Placement through University at a Primary School. I will be doing so with direct comparison to the New South Wales Institute of Teachers (NSWIT) Professional Teaching Standards’ Elements (2006), doing my best to interpret events and situations as well as I can, to hopefully provide insight to other teachers in ways they can do anything from manage behavioural issues in the classroom to engaging children in classroom activity.


So please keep an eye on this space, because I would hate to think this information is going to waste, even though I do enjoy reading my own information and realising I am finally becoming a teacher of my own 🙂



New South Wales Institute of Teachers. (2006). Professional Teaching Standards. Retrieved 22 March, 2014 from http://nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/Main-Professional-Teaching-Standards.html


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